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What information are you looking for? provides independent application assistance for official DMV services, which may be available for free or at an additional charge through the official site or a local office. To download an Easy Guide™ specific to your needs, simply select a service and state then click "continue".

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Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is always changing and a driver needs to be kept up to date with their states insurance requirements. is the place to not only get the best quote and rates in your area, but we will provide you with all the rules and regulations, which will make you a smarter buyer. Auto insurance in all states is a requirement and failing to carry insurance can result in a fine, suspended license and ultimately jail time. Click here to receive the cheapest rates in your area.

Drivers Education

An educated driver is a safe driver. has put together everything you need to know about driver education and its specifications. Whether you are a driver just learning, a senior citizen or a bus driver, we have discovered courses and schools to aid in your driver education. Most states require that new drivers finish a specified amount of hours in a drivers ed course prior to obtaining a learners permit or driver's license. Click here to find out what your state requirements are and how you can be on the road in no time at all. Also, drivers education can lower your auto insurance rates. Click here to see if you qualify for the lowest rates in your area.

Drivers Handbooks and Manuals

Driver's Handbooks and Manuals are essential sources for learning how to drive in your state. Each state has its own handbook, which will teach you all the different rules and requirements that apply to you. Topics include: Driver responsibilities, including insurance information, point systems and rules about suspended or reinstated licenses, driving techniques, which include parallel parking, switching lanes and all types of road rules, signals and signs, licensing procedures, including license classifications, test requirements and proper identification.

DMV Office Locations

One of these days all driver's licensing needs and transaction will be automated. Until then, you will likely have to visit your local DMV or drivers license office. At, we know how difficult and annoying it can be to wait in lines, make an appointment and even just locate your nearest DMV branch. Each office has different hours of operation and unique ways of making appointments. Click here to find your closest DMV office branch and we will help you through this arduous process.

State Info

Each state has different laws and requirements. If you must renew, replace, change your address or even learn the qualifications for receiving a learner's permit, is a great resource that will teach you all you need to know. Click here to get state by state information on all your driver?s license needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How old do I have to be to get my driver license? Every state has different age requirements. Some states allow you to get a drivers license as young as 14 (South Dakota) or as old as 17 (New Jersey). Click here for state specific info.
  2. What documents are needed to get my driver's license? Proof of Identiity, like birth certificates, passports, social security cards are usually most accepted. One sometimes might also have to bring an application form. Each state has different requirements on the documents you must show and your local DMV. Click here for more information on your state.
  3. What happens if I fail the driver's license test? You will be able to retake the exam. The amount of time between taking your tests vary depending on your state. Some states allow you take the test the very next day and some states make a potential driver wait up to 30 days. Click here for more info.
  4. What courses do I have to take to get my driver's license?Many states make you take a drivers ed course and some behind-the-wheel training. Click here to see if your state requires you to do so.
  5. What are the requirements one needs to meet in order to get a driver's license? Most states make you take a written, road and vision exam. Each state however has its own laws. Please visit our state info section to see what your state requirements are.